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We noticed on both sides during getting ready that this will be an intense day with lots of tears. Super close, very good friends of the groom said, they have never seen him like this and he was so overwhelmed by the beauty and love of his bride that day that he could not hold back anymore.

Those moments are the ones where hiding behind a black camera body is key ? Compared with nice and well-performed live music in the tiny church we had goose bumps all over. It could not have been better!

The day continued to be amazing and right before sunset we were super lucky to see the sun for the perfect evening shoot. Only 5 Minutes between two courses. This is what our clients see on our website and it is very easy to get. (if there is sun)

To be honest with you, it is a challenge to shoot at a place you have been shooting so often over the years. But to challenge you every time again and not to mindlessly shoot at the same spots every time, is one of the most important things. This keeps you getting better and driving. The day we are bored at weddings will be the day we stop doing it.

We are ready for the summer season to come and we are filled with passion for what we do! Summer 2016, we are ready!

Here is to THANK YOU both for having us, for the trust into our work and for the funny Indian dinner evening at our house! You guys rock! All the best for your future and hope to see you soon again.



Carmen and Ingo



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